Basic Theology: Sufficiency of Scriptures Part 01

Sufficiency of scripture 01

We had looked at the Inspiration of the Scripture, then Infallibility of the Scripture and then the Inerrancy of the Scripture.

Today we will look at the Sufficiency of the Scripture.

Nowadays attack on the sufficiency of the Word of God masterminded by Satan by the gullible so-called Christians. The attack on Scripture is primarily coming from those who deny its sufficiency for all matters of faith and conduct.

What is amazing about the attack on the scripture that I am most concerned is that it is not coming from those who deny it to be the Word of God, but from those who would affirm it to be so.

Most dangerous threats facing the Word of God is coming from within evangelical Christianity. People who claim to believe the Bible to be the Word of God but betray a lack of trust in its sufficiency and therein speak evil of the Word of God.

1. The worldly system has crept into the church

Past few decades we have seen there are so many management styles has crept into the Church to show how you can increase the number of people.

Leaders are being encouraged to use some management books or Big corporations’ method to manage the Kingdom of God. There are so many leadership seminars are being conducted to show how they can be successful outside the bible. In doing that what we agree is that the Word of God and understanding its principles and the principles taught therein related to the growth of the church, is not adequate. We must go to the management techniques and the systems of success the world uses in its corporate environment to learn them. Transfer those to the church if we want the church to really grow and develop. This method is nothing but demonic!

2. The church needs to entertain people

Unfortunately, the leaders have chosen to say that we need to entertain people so that they feel that they are enjoy the service. Churches are spending a large sum of money to entertain people.
The real need for the people is the word of God but when the church starts entertaining people with music, lights, TV, etc, then we are saying that the scripture is not enough for the people to drawn to God.

Pastors and leaders are treated and live like celebrities and their lifestyle are being promoted. New pastors and church leaders are being encouraged to follow these kinds of celebrity lifestyle rather than live like Jesus.

    ✓ So much of music no real worship
    ✓ So much of energy but no repentance
    ✓ So much of action but not real-life lessons
    ✓ So much of lip service not being equipped for spiritual battle.

3. Looking for supernatural

There are people searching for Supernatural power, experience and ecstatic. Signs and wonders meetings and conferences are being held.

Billions of dollars are spent on advertising such meetings and the thousands of people come to these meetings searching for miracles and signs and wonders.

In effect what these people are saying is that we can never reach the world with the gospel unless we can raise the dead and heal the sick and call down fire from heaven and do all kinds of supernatural things.

One of the well-known preachers from this group recently wrote at the American Association of Bible Colleges Convention, “The simple gospel is no longer adequate without signs and wonders.”.

Instead of equipping people with Word of God, they are pushing people to find the power source and probing into supernatural powers to do miracles and create these signs and wonders.

4. Mystical mantra’s

There are several kinds of people who do these kinds of mantras to attract people.

Positive confession:

Offering formulas for confronting Satan and demons by positive confession and visualization techniques. So, you say it with visual technique then what you visualize something will become a reality in your life.

It may well be
    ✓ your healing,
    ✓ your new home,
    ✓ your new car,
    ✓ your spouse,
    ✓ your child,
    ✓ your finance, and
    ✓ anything you want

To develop a successful ministry, you get into this heavy kind of self-hypnotic visualization technique. These are known as claim it and receive it!


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