Basic Theology: Sanctification


Apostle Paul uses an imagery of a woman who is in labour until a fully formed child emerges. And that’s how he feels about the believers in his care, about all believers, for that matter. He has birth pain until Christ is formed in them.

This is what sanctification is. It is becoming like Christ.

Christ is in you that is the reality of redemption or salvation.

Justification or new birth, being born again. Christ comes and takes up residence in you almost in an undeveloped way, fully present, but not fully manifest through the believer.

Sanctification then is the process by which the believer in whom Christ dwells becomes more like Christ.

Christ begins to shape the believer’s life and a fully formed Christ in the life of a believer is then a sanctified believer who manifests,

    ➢ the character of Christ,
    ➢ thinks the way Christ thinks,
    ➢ speaks the way Christ speaks, and
    ➢ acts the way Christ acts.

    ✓ Justification is by righteousness without us,
    ✓ Sanctification is by a holiness formed in us.

    ❖ Justification is by Christ as Priest, and has regard to the penalty of sin
    ❖ Sanctification is by Christ as King, and has regard to the dominion of sin

    ➢ Justification cancels its damning power,
    ➢ Sanctification delivers from its reigning power.

    ✓ Justification removes the obligation unto punishment
    ✓ Sanctification cleanses from pollution.

    o Justification is a judicial act, by which the sinner as pronounced righteous
    o Sanctification is a moral work, by which the sinner is made holy


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